Payment Options

The City of Eldora offers a variety of convenient payment options for our residents. Simply choose the option that best suits your needs.

Online Payment

If paying online, you will need your Service Address or Account Number which can be found on your payment coupon. There is a $1.50 transaction fee for paying by electronic check or $1.50 transaction fee plus 2.35% of bill for paying by debit or credit card. 

To pay online, click here.

Payment By Mail

If paying by check or money order through the mail, please send all payments with your payment coupon. To avoid late fees, please mail your payment at least five-seven business days before the due date specified on your bill.

Automatic Bank Draft

The worry-free way to pay your bill. With this service, the amount of your monthly bill is automatically deducted from your bank account and credited to your utility account. There is no set-up fee or charge associated with this method of payment. To set up Automated Bank Draft, simply stop by City Hall and fill out the ACH Recurring Debit Form. 

Payment Drop-off Location

You may pay your bill in person at City Hall. We accept cash, check, money orders or debit card (fee associated with this service) . We also have a dropbox behind City Hall, in the alley.

Payment over the phone

We also offer payment over the phone with a debit card.  There is a fee with this service of $1.50 per transactions and 2.35% of the bill.

Payment Through Financial Institution Online Bill Pay

Many financial institutions such as major banks offer their customers the ability to pay their bills via an online bill payment service (through your bank's website). Normally, these services debit the customer's checking or savings account to pay the bill. Depending on the financial institution, they may or may not charge a fee for the service. Payments may take up to seven business days or longer to post to the customer's account. Please consult with your bank for more information and plan ahead for mailing time.

Disconnect Notices

If you forgot to pay your bill you will receive a disconnect notice. If the amount shown on your notice is not paid by the date designated on the notice by 8:00am, service will be discontinued. Before service is restored, the total amount due must be paid, and a reconnect charge of $50.00, if restored between 7:00am and 3:30pm. After 3:30pm, $100.00 will be charged for reconnection. 

Payment Address

City of Eldora
1442 Washington St.
Eldora, IA 50627