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City Hall

The City of Eldora Hall is your resource for information and questions about our local government as well as services offered in our community.  Home to the Mayor and City Council and all other service departments, we welcome you to our city and encourage you to call or stop by during business hours!

The following departments are located at City Hall:

Water Department

Code Compliance


*The Eldora Police Department is located in the same building, however, they have a separate entrance on the south side of the building to the lower level. 


David Dunn, Mayor  ddunn@eldoraiowa.comDavid Dunn, Mayor David Mitchell, City Administrator  dmitchell@eldoraiowa.comDavid Mitchell, City Administrator Chandra Kyte, City Deputy Clerk  ckyte@eldoraiowa.comChandra Kyte, City Deputy Clerk Kelly Haskin, Public Works Director  khaskin@eldoraiowa.comKelly Haskin, Public Works Director Brenda Wical, City Water Clerk  bwical@eldoraiowa.comBrenda Wical, City Water Clerk Jamie Kolthoff, Community Compliance  jkolthoff@eldoraiowa.comJamie Kolthoff, Community Compliance

Frequently Asked Questions

What hours is City Hall open?

City Hall is open from 7:30am - 4:00pm Monday - Friday.