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Code Compliance

Code Enforcement in the City of Eldora starts with the Code Compliance Specialist. Jamie Kolthoff is the City of Eldora's Code Compliance Specialist. She enforces the City Ordinances as well as Nuisance Abatement procedures. Jamie provides her assistance in some surrounding communities as well. 

Jamie is a member of IowAce (Iowa Code Enforcement) as well as a member of AACE (American Association of Code Enforcement). She just recently attended a National Code Enforcement Conference in Colorado where she attained continuing education certification and she continues to attend local conferences. 

Jamie along with her husband and 4 children live in Eldora. She has been employed as Code Compliance since August, 2017. She looks forward to what the future can bring in this job, watching Eldora and the surrounding communities strive to maintain their beauty. 


Jamie Kolthoff Community Compliance

Jamie Kolthoff 

Community Compliance Specialist



Below is a Citizen Complainant Form. You are able to download the form and print it to fill it out. This gives you, as a citizen, the option to file a formal complaint without having to call City Hall. 



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Contact Info

Jamie Kolthoff
Community Compliance Specialist
1442 Washington St
641-939-2393/cell: 641-849-7109